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BlackJack Perspective:

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Organic Gardening – How to Prepare the Soil

Organic gardening means gardening without the use of artificial pesticides, chemicals or potentially dangerous substances. It doesn’t matter what you’re growing–flowers, trees, bushes, fruit trees, vegetables–as long as it’s being cultivated in a natural way. The most popular feature of organic gardening is that there’s no danger of consuming chemicals in organically grown herbs, vegetables and fruit.

Preparation of the soil is essential to successful organic gardening. Since you won’t be using chemicals to artificially enhance the health of your soil, you need to make sure that the soil is in top condition to begin with. Although it will take some extra time and effort, the results will be well worth your investment.

What you need is rich compost material to mix in with the soil. Many organic gardening enthusiasts insist on creating their own compost. If you’re not quite up to that yet, rest assured that it’s possible to buy organic compost from garden centers or like-minded gardeners. But you really might want to think about starting your own compost bin for next year, it’s not really that difficult to do.

Back to preparing the soil. Basically, you’ll be adding some things to the garden bed and allowing them to sit through the weeks before planting. Take care that you only add natural ingredients though. As these organic items decompose, nutrients are created.

Your first order of business is to loosen and turn the soil. Next, gather up some organic materials and add them to the garden bed. You can use sawdust, shredded newspaper, used coffee or tea grounds, ashes from your fireplace, and even fruit and vegetable waste from your kitchen. Add one or more items, whatever you have. You don’t have to collect everything on the list. It will work better and faster if you make the material as small as possible. For example, you can chop or grate kitchen scraps into smaller pieces before adding them to the soil.

Once you’ve added organic material, turn the soil a couple of times to make sure the new items are thoroughly mixed in and covered. Go outside, water the garden bed and stir it around again about two or three times a week. After you’ve done this for three or four weeks, your soil will be ready to start setting out plants or putting in seeds.

Want to make your soil even richer? Start preparation in the fall before the first freeze. Then your organic garden will really be producing some beautiful bounty the next spring.

Why Container Gardening Is The Best Way to Grow Plants

With how beneficial container gardening can be, it’s a wonder that so few people are using it. Even though its popularity has improved over the few decades, other methods are still more popular among gardeners.

Using containers makes gardening easily accessible to nearly anyone; handicapped individuals often find that keeping their plants in pots simplifies placing them within reach. Those who are bound to their wheelchairs can put the pots on a lower table where they can be easily reached. Those who have gotten too old to work in a traditional garden may discover that container gardening can help them enjoy their old hobby once more.

Container gardening can even be easier on children, who enjoy not having to weed, rake, and hoe the ground–and with a container, they don’t have to wait for an adult to till the soil for them.

The ease with which container gardens may be moved is another major benefit for you. If bad weather arises with your plants outdoors, you can easily bring them inside for protection. If your garden was not planned well or an unanticipated change arises and your plants are receiving more sun or shade than they should, moving them to a better place is a cinch. And you can even move them arbitrarily if you think they will look better somewhere else.

Common soil tends to have diseases, and so plants grown in a traditional manner tend to acquire those more easily than plants which are grown in containers. It is possible for a container garden to get diseases, but because potting soil is often free of organisms that cause disease, it is far less likely.

Feeding the plants in your container garden is also easier. It’s quite simple to make sure that your fertilizer is used by your plants when it is all confined to such a small area. Fertilizing plants kept in a larger area risks that the fertilizer is drained away or absorbed by other plants. This is unlikely to happen in a container.

Using such a small area, on the other hand, typically leads to the fertilizer washing more quickly out from the soil. Therefore, you generally need to fertilize on a more frequent basis than with a traditional garden. Regardless, the benefit of using a container is that you guarantee that the plants acquire more fertilizer before it washes out than if you used the same plants and fertilizer in the ground.

Planting in a container allows you to extend the growing season of the plants as well. If you carefully insulate the pots using blankets or other such material, you can ensure that the soil stays warm, so you can plant early, in a cold frame or indoors, and then move them outside to a larger pot when they’re ready. Not only can you plant early, you can keep plants alive and growing past the normal season, whether using insulation through the first frost, or by bringing them inside.

Container gardening also tends to save a lot of space. If you live in an apartment or home without any yard space, container gardening lets you keep a garden on your porch or patio, and even inside. A lot of people keep small container gardens on a windowsill, in a spare bedroom or in a sunroom.

And if you want, you can even grow your plants in your closet if you use a grow light! Using pots for your plants simplifies having a garden when you lack the room needed for traditional gardening.

Protecting Your Precious Plants from Diseases

Flower gardening can be fun and rewarding, but if disease takes hold it could ruin your carefully crafted garden. Flower enemies like fungi, viruses and bacteria can devastate your plants. No plants are really immune, so it will be up to you to protect them.


Fungi can be difficult to protect against. It can exist in bare soil for quite some time, waiting for an opportunity to strike. So even if it’s been a while since flowers have been in the ground, don’t let down your guard. Even bare soil can harbor danger.

One reason that fungi are so difficult to get rid of is the way they reproduce. Did you know that a single plant infected with fungus can release as many as 100 million spores? Plants are vulnerable to fungi both through their roots and their leaves. The key to protecting your flower garden against fungi is to completely eradicate any fungal infection.


Bare soil is not a good environment for bacteria, so they don’t last nearly as long. They require moisture and warmth to multiply. That’s why warm and humid climates have a much more difficult time with bacterial infections. Overhead watering makes matters worse by splashing water directly onto your plants. Your flowers are most vulnerable to bacteria through damaged areas like cut stems or leaves. Be gentle with your garden.


Viruses actually have to be inside the cells of your plants to reproduce–they can’t multiply in soil. They move from plant to plant with the help of seeds, pollen or insects. Once they arrive, entry is gained through cuts or damage like bacteria

Diagnosis and Treatment

Correct diagnosis is essential to caring for diseased plants in your garden. You may be able to identify your problems using online resources or books. It’s important to have some type of resource handy because the diagnosis really does determine your course of action. You can’t even start treating your flower garden until you know what’s wrong.

Local garden centers and county extension services are other great places to get advice. Many extension services have fully developed websites. If you’re getting help in person, take a photo of your problem plants. A picture will communicate much more effectively than a description.

Opt for organic treatments first if at all possible. Many chemicals have the potential for greater damage than the disease. Chemicals also represent a significant danger to the surrounding environment. Organic treatments can be very effective and are a superior solution to your problem.

Certain flower varieties tend to be at greater risk for problems. For example, roses seem to come down with a whole host of disease. Other plant varieties come with their own strengths and weaknesses. As you plan your garden, find out ahead of time the possible problems you may face. Then you’ll be better prepared to diagnose and treat the diseases quickly and return your garden to maximum health and beauty.